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Of Symbols and Ideas

Projecting Symbolism in Architecture

Annual NASA Convention | 2019-20

Vlog for the Pink City

A workshop on Multi-Functional built space and the process of Vlogging.

Zonal NASA Convention Zone 1 | 2018-19

In collaboration with Abhijit Burman, Jasmeen Kaur and Niharika Arora

Nature and
the City

A workshop on narrative building
and data visualisation

Annual NASA Convention 2018-19

In collaboration with Ankush Chandran

Revisit | Remember |

A workshop on Urban Storytelling: Narratives + Graphics + Videography

Zonal NASA Convention Zone 1 | 2018-19

In collaboration with Sourabh Srivastava and Huma Parvez

Image-1 (1).png
Graphics Speak Louder
Than Words-II

Annual NASA Convention 2017-18

A successful workshop at the 60th Annual NASA Convention hosted by National Association of Students of Architecture, India at DC School of Architecture and Design. It was a great experience with the students from all over India (Zone 1 to Zone 6). We could manage both practical and theoretical sessions over the course of 5 days. 

Group Photo_edited.jpg
Graphics Speak Louder
Than Words-I

Zonal NASA Convention Zone 1| 2017-18

We finally had our first Public Outreach Program where our Co-founder, Deepesh Sangtani, took a workshop on the importance of graphics. The workshop was a part of the Zonal Convention ZONE 1 by Nasa India(National Association of Students of Architecture) at School of Architecture & Design- ITM University, Gwalior MP India

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