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Have you wanted to do something, sometime, someday for a better tomorrow, and couldn't start yet?

About the Initiative

Urban Resolutions 2021 is an initiative to share individual resolutions that substantiate for a more livable city and a better urban life. 

Since even a small positive step by an individual can inspire many people; let 2021 be the year of many similar steps this decade. The idea is to realign an individual's journey by following simple steps that keep us together, contented, and going. 

Let's be the change we've wanted to be!

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Send us a short video, (Less than 30 Seconds | Portrait Format), recording what you would like to take as a resolution for a more liveable city and a better urban life. Even a small positive step could inspire many people. 

Send us your videos along with your name and city to
For any other queries, drop us an email. 

How to Participate
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