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Deepesh Sangtani

Public Outreach Head

Deepesh Sangtani is a graduate architect from the Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He has co-founded Multilogue Collective and manages it as the Public Outreach Director. Previously, he has interned with the Charles Correa Foundation and is presently working as a Graphics Designer at visionVIBES, a design agency in New Delhi. 


Hamza Abdullah

Editor/Content Coordinator

Syed Mohammad Hamza Abdullah is an Architect. His interests are in the fields of urban planning and policy, especially in the areas of mobility, informality, and citizen engagement. He has published research on the themes of planning and community engagement and plans to work in the areas of urban and regional planning with a focus on informal communities. Hamza is an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. He holds a degree in Bachelors of Architecture.

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Rizwan Ahmad Khan

Graphics Coordinator

Born and raised in Varanasi, Rizwan trained as an architect and is a visual artist who has worked in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and with a natural incentive towards contemporary art, music, and the Socio-political sphere. He began his career working in Vizag and Bangalore with CnT Architects. Heartily Appreciates a good Pun, but is not a Pundit yet. Also offends people with his freedom of expression.

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Huma Parvez

Research and Content Coordinator

Huma Parvez is an Architect, Urban Designer, and Nature Enthusiast. Driven by activism, she takes pride in being a resource and support to imperative causes. To promote change, she intends to bridge the social and environmental realms in order to bring out the best of potentials for 'people, space and the city'.


Abhranil Munsi

Core Contributor

Abhranil Munsi is a student of Architecture with an interest in Visual Design and Communication. His work reflects the synergy between communities and their environment and with each passing day he's trying to gain a deeper understanding of that relationship. 


Amrutha Iyer

Core Contributor

Amrutha is a fourth-year architecture student, who resolutely believes in universal design, soft activism, and shared betterment. She aims for her work to reflect simplicity and minimalism. She considers a quality conversation with the right person to be the most rewarding. During her free time, she can be found learning to play her Ukelele or catching up on content.


Amrutha Viswanath

Core Contributor

Amrutha is currently pursuing her fourth year of bachelors in architecture from Chennai. Ethnically Tamizh, she faces a constant urban identity crisis due to her upbringing in cities all over India, which, interestingly, sparked her interest in urbanism. When not swamped with work, she can be found sipping on chai while watching Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, or contemplating on how to smash the patriarchy. 


Chetan Aggarwal

Core Contributor

Chetan Aggarwal is an architecture graduate from MBS School of Planning & Architecture IP University, Delhi. As much as architecture fascinates him, the limitless scope of change that social design brings to society, aspires him to create a meaningful impact in this small world. Alongside architecture, he is an avid reader and a writer. Cinema and psychology also interest him!


Jasmeen Kaur Sidhu

Core Contributor

A third-year student of architecture at Vastu Kala Academy of Architecture, New Delhi, Jasmeen has been working with the Multilogue Collective for a year now. She was also a part of the team EASA as a student representative in the year 2019.
For MLC, she has been working on content editing and has curated content writing for the publications.



Core Contributor

I am an architect and an urban design graduate. Liking for sheer problem solving and creativity landed me in the architecture School. As an active citizen, I believe in strengthening society and the environment through community engagement and holistic thinking.


Vyusti Agarwalla

Core Contributor

Vyusti is a graduate of architecture and an aspiring urbanist. Her interests dwell in using architecture and ethnography as a tool for social empowerment and creating a sustainable future. Experimental research methods and mapping studies that help in representing the collective identities and interests of the community are something she hopes to work towards. In her free time, she unwinds with a good book or catches up on her favourite shows.


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