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The Man Who Never Cooked - Feminism for Our Country

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

July 31'2018 | Humair Subhani

Kurbaani bhi hamne di or azaad bhi na huye. Budhape tak shohar ki zindagi sudhari or naam reh gaya unka, Jawani me aisho-aaraam ka ghar choda or mehsus hua ye k darja hamara kam ho gaya, Karkhane me mehnat barabar he kari lekin muaafza hame kaha? Madarse gaye zaroor lekin zara umar lagte he ghar bula liya. Kya ustaad ki nazar badal gye ya kami hamme he the? Bachpan khubsurat tha lekin, papa ki pari jo the! Khush hu bahut k duniya me aayi to zaroor, kuch mere jaisi kokh ki manzil tk he nahi pahuch payi! Ye khayal hai mera or galat nahi, Kurbaani bhi hamne di or azaad bhi na huye! - Author

P.S – The lines portrays the life of a female in a reverse cycle, an agnostic tread and a miserable emotion. Females, considered mostly as an entity and not as a human proclaims in a plight. We sacrificed ourselves at every step, yet we are chained.

This is a story of a privileged man over a less privileged woman. The story comes out conservative societies which are bound by archaic principles and ideologies. The story comes out of families with brilliant homemaker women. The story comes out of our small towns, still progressing, striving to sustain their identity of development in varying fields. The story comes out of intricate communities, villages and tribes where a woman is considered as an entity. The story revolves around two nurturing kids in a family where the male child presumably and preferentially holds the upper ground. The story dwells on functions of both sexes while growing up and quotes, “The man who never cooked”.

Credits: Author

Preliminary – An accustomed and set pattern It may shoot like a blasphemous outrage when put to words and leave not one but multiple curtails of agony and distress. Outrageous as it may question history, it may prick misogyny at turbulent points and it may create chaos within the practicing folk. The practice is today’s culture, it’s more of a belief, something which is running along the lines and never intersecting. Evident in most of the mythologies that a woman was created as a sub-ordinate to a man, her status predefined and her actions perfectly molded. The mythology changed over the years for adaptation but the verdicts remained the same, new orders were found but the outcome remained the same; moreover, leaders changed, settlements hundreds of miles apart changed too; but amendments in the laws for women didn’t even bend. Here we are, blind folded, shooting arrows dipped in toxic patriarchy at an able sect which is deliberately struggling to prove themselves as equals. On the inside, we as men and our patriarchal heads are at a war, blind folded still, Is it the end of our reign?

TORAH - “Gen2:18 – A helper for him” | “Gen2:22 – Woman is made from the man” | “Gen3:16 – Men are supposed to lead”

On the outside, It’s a war people tend to avoid; also we cannot just raise fingers on the historical origination of humans. Islam and Christianity proclaims that Adam was the first man on this earth. To support the existence of Adam, the Lord then created a female out of Adam, purportedly to help him. There are winds against the so called culture, forceful enough for another exodus. Will you tread or will it crush?

“It is the nature of women to seduce men in this world; for that reason, the wise are never unguarded in the company of females” - Manusmriti (2/213)

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allaah is Ever Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Ahzaab 33:59]

Intermediate fallout – Surging towards light Charles Fourier, a Utopian Socialist used the term ‘Feminisme’ for the very first time in 1837 while Oxford dictionary claims the first appearance of the word ‘Feminism’ in 1895. Struggle began with equal civil rights like voting, then waves of agreement flew in all directions. Voices were raised, confrontation surfaced, there was noise which lead to turbulence in a lot of patriarchal sects. Declared like a war. Even today, there are rebellions being formed to fight against the oppressed women, women who are sealed within a glass cage of uncertainty. Every nook of an urbanizing settlement now shrieks out in ecstatic cries regarding this fallout. There is light, undoubtedly, but only out of the glazing alleys and squares. The narrow lanes are dark and cold; the light touches down on the edges but deep down the core it’s like a dungeon closed on all fours. The ones dwelling in squares are struggling still, but fluttering. While the ones in narrow lanes don’t even dare to look at the sky. If it is a war and the motive is victory, even the meagre & feeble must be tainted or else it will fall heavy, crushing the weak and eradicating the interim subsidiaries.

Galactians 3:27-28 – If you are a Christian then you are bound with the Christ, No Jew nor Greek, No slave nor free, No male not female.

Some verses did say positive on men and women being equals but the interpretation calls it only spiritual and not physical.

Feminism – It is now your duty!

Success and likability are positively correlated to men and negatively correlated to women – Sheryl Sandberg Bound to the roots of our culture and tradition, we are somehow lagging and are deliberately conservative in our perspectives, we invite modernization but sooner build notions for those adopted tendencies and label them lunatic in the very next moment. We are bound to adhere to the rules formed by our ancestral forefathers leaving which may bring tremendous misfortune or worthless times. We are somehow bilateral in our vision towards the future. We have mixed thoughts towards inclusion of a modern society. We are delusional. As stated earlier, we need to direct our effort in pulling out the people residing in the narrow lanes. People to whom feminism is nothing but a quaint drama. The ones fascinating days of unchained treads and nights too safe. People who are cursing the modern world for their slow pace as the light hasn’t reached every corner. People who are made to feel diminished. People who are ridiculed for their aspirations. People who are admirers. People, like us, people of the country.

Feminism is not just a movement; It’s not restricted to women of men only. Feminism is now an energy which is flowing in passionate souls surging for a change. - Maria Bello

Time is changing and so are the demands of survival, adaptation is the key and perseverance is a vital. Tasks like sewing, knitting, households and grain management are archaic, multi-disciplinary expertise is the future. The wheels are turning and there is a prominent progression, exponentially gaining power and rising up in multitudes. If you and I are aiming to pull out at least the aspirer out of their dungeon, we are feminists. Our aim should be, not to limit our reach to the ones who seems to be responsive to the situation. Our aim should be for the fragile ones, vulnerable to even discuss their affliction. Those are the areas we need to throw light on and caste shadows of their iridescent capabilities.

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