• Multilogue Collective

The Kisan Long March | Mumbai City as an Arena for a new model of Class-Conflict

Our farmers are committing suicides daily, and agriculture is slowly turning into a non-profitable and undignified means of livelihood. The disparity in development in rural areas is forcing a class-conflict, as a consequence of the socio-economic weakness of rural communities. The arena of this class-conflict is the city of Mumbai, and the modus-operandi is a long silent march.

South Mumbai saw a congregation of 30000 Maharashtra farmers on its roads in the wee hours of Sunday. The six-day long march from Nashik to Mumbai got a lot of popular media coverage, and was termed as ‘Kisan Long March’. The farmers’ protest has drawn a lot of praise for its organizational structure and management. The Long March was carried out silently and peacefully on foot, and the timings to enter Mumbai were worked out thoughtfully so as to avoid any event of traffic congestion in the city.