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Let's talk about women's safety! : The Challenges lying ahead in Delhi

Thomas Reuters Foundation has recently concluded that India is the most dangerous country for women due to a high rate of crimes against them, which include sexual violence, molestation, forced slave labor and physical assault on women. The conclusion of the poll strongly resonates with the official statistics of crime against women in India, and the capital city of Delhi has the worst records in most of the categories. In the modern times, Delhi has experienced an enormous expansion both in terms of population and infrastructure, in line with other metropolitan cities. Being the capital of India, more and more people have settled in the city on a permanent or transient basis, in search of better living conditions. It holds a population of 28 million, making it second most populous urban agglomeration in India. Delhi today is seen as a leading example of messy, rapid and unplanned urbanization, repercussions of which are an alarming rate of urban poverty, marginalization of the poor and eventually a deepening sense of insecurity amongst the women. The National Capital T