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City and Space: Music Edition | In Conversation with Jivraj Singh

The Multilogue Collective in collaboration with House Concert India is working on a research narrative based around 'City and Space'. For the initial story, we wanted to cover the music scene in different cities and ask a few questions to musicians, organizers, and supporters of original music in India.

We were glad to have a conversation with Jivraj Singh, who is based in Kolkata. His primary instrument is drums, but he also designs, arranges, records, and produces sound and music in all forms. His other interests are socialising, reading, thinking, drawing, making videos, walking, driving and yoga.

For him, Kolkata is slow, old and dusty. It has sleepy afternoons, a diverse and legendary local food scene, many festivals and a thick atmosphere of nostalgia.


As an artist/musician/individual, what are your views on the ever-changing scenario for live gigs/concerts within the city and how performance spaces in your city have evolved for different kinds of music?

"It's been quite up and down over the years. Some new performance spaces are finally appearing after a few barren years. I don't have any particular views as such, especially because this is an ever changing scenario."

Place-making capitalizes on a local community's assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well being.

What are your views/suggestions on the idea of music (any genre/any kind of artist - gigs/festival etc) as a place-making tool, to activate the public life and create a sense of community within a city?

"I think it's essential for music to be supported by governments and by corporations, not just by the musicians and the audience. A DIY music scene faces many challenges and help from bigger players is always welcome. It will also help the culture to grow."

Cities start getting a tag of the kind of 'music scene' it has established over the years or is now adapting to. How would define the music identity of your city? (You may talk about specific genres or in general.)

"I personally think culture is too complex to be tagged with an identity."

Any organisations you would like to mention which are creating this spark of the community through alternative experiences?

"Jamsteady, Little-i and Red Bull."


We would like to thank Jivraj for being a part of this narrative and for being a wonderful individual in the music fraternity while he represents his city, Kolkata.

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