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Gender Sensitivity and Inclusion

Talk session + Discussion

TMLC had launched an awareness campaign around Gender Sensitivity in the month of July and August and collaborated with a multitude of experts and enthusiasts to produce written and graphical journals and narratives around the theme of ‘Gender Sensitivity and Inclusion’. We have been posting a few graphics and narratives every week. Our intent was to make it reach out to maximum people to raise awareness and to even come up with participatory solutions. 

As a part of the awareness and outreach campaign, The Multilogue Collective in collaboration with CMYK Bookstore and Pahal- Nurturing Lives, has organized this public forum with the intent to gain more insight into the theme.

Speakers for the forum

Mrinalini Ray
Topic: 'Exploring solutions for inclusive development: for people beyond the binary | A live interview.'

Avantika Tewari
Topic: '(En)Gendering the City: Stories of Housing in Delhi'

Kruttika Susarla
Topic: 'Gender, Sexuality, and Social Impact through Visual Arts'

Key Note Session

Prof. Amit Sengupta
Topic: 'The Gendered Divide: Optimism and Despair in Contemporary India'

Design Posters
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